The World Cup is one of the most fascinating events in all of sports - we helped in 2010 again, as we did in 2002 and 2006, broadcasters from all around the globe to bring this fascination to their viewers. We developed a unique system thatallowed each broadcaster to put the stories together in its own style. After we profiled 12 teams in 2006 we delivered extensive material in 2010 from 16 countries, covering all of Africa, South America, the CONCACAF-area as well as Australia and New Zealand. As always we made sure to deliver top quality: no quick sound bites but nicely lit in-depth interviews, no mics in the shot, well produced features and of course all in High Definition. Our goal was not only to show the player or coach but also the story behind him. Since this was the first World Cup on African soil, we dedicated a special to football in Africa. Please enjoy some samples of our stories.

World Cup 2010 - United States
World Cup 2010 - Algeria
World Cup 2010 - Argentina
World Cup 2010 - New Zealand
World Cup 2010 - Chile
World Cup 2010 - Ghana
World Cup 2010 - Honduras
World Cup 2010 - Mexico
World Cup 2010 - Australia
World Cup 2010 - Paraguay
World Cup 2010 - South Africa
World Cup 2010 - Uruguay