CONFED-Cup 2013

World Cup 2014 Logo Brazil, Spain, Uruguay and...Tahiti are among the eight teams that qualified for the CONFED-Cup 2013.

Tahiti on this big stage: that is probably one of the biggest underdog-stories ever in World football.

We plan to produce a story looking behind the scenes of this fairy tale. We will visit the beautiful Island and shoot with these brave players, who are all amateurs, working full-time jobs before going to training. We will profile Eddy Etaeta, the National Team coach, who will have his hands full making sure that his players will be mentally prepared to play the giants of world football, and we will give you a feel for football in Tahiti.

As always, you can expect a top-quality HD-production with our proven system of pre-edited, clean footage with shot list, transcript and info-sheet that allows you to build your own stories.

Expect this material to be ready beginning May, 6 weeks before the tournament.